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Roof Maintenance in Salem, OR

Roof Maintenance & Restoration in Salem, OR

Roofs are built to last, but they last a lot longer if you give them a little extra care. To get the most value and longevity out of your roofing system, hire James Roofing, LLC for maintenance and restoration.

After installation, people tend to forget about their roofs until something goes wrong. However, annual upkeep is the best way to avoid preventable damage and the costly repairs needed to fix them. Contact us today for roof maintenance in Salem, OR, and the surrounding area to save big in the long run with one yearly appointment.

What Is Roofing Maintenance?

Roof maintenance covers an array of upkeep services to keep your roofing system looking great and functioning well. Some examples include:

Moss Removal: Moss growth doesn’t just look gross—it can also lead to water damage and other problems. Our team will remove any and all moss from your roof to give your property a clean slate.

Roof Treatment Services: To prevent moss, lichen, and other organisms from growing, we apply a special treatment. It uses a slow-release inhibitor that is completely safe for your property.

Power Washing: A careful power wash will not transform your property’s appearance but also increase your roof’s longevity. Our power washing is the most efficient and effective way to remove algae and other growths that cause your shingles to lose their granules.

Roof Restoration: It’s best to correct minor issues as they arise rather than allow them to become bigger and more expensive problems. Allow our roof restoration experts to inspect your property and identify any areas that need fixing.